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FTS Lighting, Recycling, and Energy Solutions is committed to energy sustainability, and provides energy efficient LED lighting products and recycling services

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Together We Can Be Part of the Solution!

FTS Lighting, Recycling, and Energy Solutions is a green lighting company. Much of today’s lighting and electronic equipment contain hazardous materials such as mercury, lead or PCBs, and are federally mandated to be recycled and disposed of properly. Not following these mandates not only destroys the Earth we live in, but can lead to highly expensive fines.  We are proud to offer many ways in which you can recycle all of your old lamps, ballasts, batteries, e-waste, and even medical and dental waste responsibly.


Why Recycle?

Everyone uses batteries, fluorescent lights, and small electronics, but most don't know that these products must be separated from the regular trash and collected for safe disposal. In 2000, the Department of Toxic Substances Control adopted new regulations governing “universal waste:” common household items that are deemed hazardous to people and the environment. If released into the environment, improper disposal of universal wastes can lead to groundwater contamination from chemicals like mercury, lead, acid, zinc, cadmium, or other corrosive and flammable toxins. Recycling not only protects the earth, but also turns materials that would otherwise become garbage into valuable resources.

Federal Regulations

Many lamps are considered hazardous because of mercury content (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)). As a result, it is illegal to dispose of light bulbs or lamps as a solid waste in the dumpster. Under the Superfund law, consumers assume “cradle to grave” responsibility—liability exists as long as waste remains. As such, fines for improper disposal can reach up to $32,000 per occurrence. 


FTS Recycle PAK

We at FTS Lighting are pleased to say that there is no need for you to stress about how to recycle all of your used bulbs or electronics. With FTS, recycling is easy. No matter the shape or size, FTS Lighting Services, Inc. will recycle your products. Along with recycling per pound, we also offer the FTS-PAK: a safe and cost-effective solution for storage, handling and recycling 4 and 8 foot lamps, U-Bends, HIDs, dry cell batteries, computers, monitors, and electronic equipment. The FTS-PAK is a time saving way to manage spent electronic products. Do you have a dangerous accident that needs to be cleaned up? Our FTS-PAK Spill Kit offers customers the tools to handle the cleanup of broken mercury containing lamps. With FTS providing containers, shipping, recycling and cradle-to-grave documentation, all governmental regulations are met.

  • Price includes packaging, prepaid freight via FedEx Ground, and certificates of recycling.

  • Shipped in cases of eight or ten

  • Drop ship of individual units available, with additional shipping fee.

  • Proper labeling to comply with all regulations is provided.

  • Printed in English and Spanish.

  • Boxes are Sustainable Forest Certified.

Other Options

Stamp Program

  • Prepaid program for pallet quantities of lamps, intact or broken

  • Cost includes transportation, recycling, and documentation

  • Customers provide boxes and pallets

  • Picked up by third party


Bulk Program

  • Invoiced per foot, per pound, per each, etc.

  • FTS can supply boxes, drums, fiber drums

  • Picked up by third party trucks

  • Offers recycling of lamps, ballasts, batteries, mercury devices, e-waste, power distribution equipment


  • Prepaid kit cost includes shipping, recycling, and documentation

  • Shipped through FedEx Ground

  • Easy to quote, easy to use

  • Offers recycling of lamps, ballasts, batteries, mercury devices, e-waste, sharps, and more

  • Easy to use: just fill it, seal it, ship it!


Electronic waste is one of the fastest-growing sources of universal waste, driven by quickly-advancing technology, and the subsequent need to dispose of outdated equipment.


Curious about how this electronic waste is processed? Check out this video to find out more!

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